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Find tags and other markup and call handler functions.




class core.bones.textBone.HtmlSerializer(validHtml=None)

Bases: html.parser.HTMLParser

Find tags and other markup and call handler functions.


p = HTMLParser() p.feed(data) … p.close()

Start tags are handled by calling self.handle_starttag() or self.handle_startendtag(); end tags by self.handle_endtag(). The data between tags is passed from the parser to the derived class by calling self.handle_data() with the data as argument (the data may be split up in arbitrary chunks). If convert_charrefs is True the character references are converted automatically to the corresponding Unicode character (and self.handle_data() is no longer split in chunks), otherwise they are passed by calling self.handle_entityref() or self.handle_charref() with the string containing respectively the named or numeric reference as the argument.

handle_data(self, data)
handle_charref(self, name)
handle_entityref(self, name)

Flush pending tags into the result and push their corresponding end-tags onto the stack

handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs)

Delete all tags except for legal ones

handle_endtag(self, tag)

Append missing closing tags

sanitize(self, instr)
class core.bones.textBone.textBone(validHtml: Union[None, Dict] = __undefinedC__, languages: Union[None, List[str]] = None, maxLength: int = 200000, defaultValue: Any = None, indexed: bool = False, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: viur.core.bones.baseBone

class __undefinedC__
type = text
static generageSearchWidget(target, name='TEXT BONE', mode='equals')
singleValueSerialize(self, value, skel: SkeletonInstance, name: str, parentIndexed: bool)
singleValueFromClient(self, value, skel, name, origData)
isInvalid(self, value)

Returns None if the value would be valid for this bone, an error-message otherwise.

getReferencedBlobs(self, valuesCache, name)

Test for /file/download/ links inside our text body. Doesn’t check for actual <a href=> or <img src=> yet.

getSearchTags(self, skeletonValues, name)
getSearchDocumentFields(self, valuesCache, name, prefix='')

Returns a list of search-fields (GAE search API) for this bone.

getUniquePropertyIndexValues(self, valuesCache: dict, name: str) List[str]