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class core.bones.selectBone.selectBone(defaultValue=None, values={}, multiple=False, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: viur.core.bones.baseBone

type = select
singleValueFromClient(self, value, skel, name, origData)
buildDBFilter__(self, name, skel, dbFilter, rawFilter, prefix=None)

Parses the searchfilter a client specified in his Request into something understood by the datastore. This function must:

  • Ignore all filters not targeting this bone

  • Safely handle malformed data in rawFilter

    (this parameter is directly controlled by the client)

  • name (str) – The property-name this bone has in its Skeleton (not the description!)

  • skel (server.skeleton.Skeleton) – The server.db.Query this bone is part of

  • dbFilter (server.db.Query) – The current server.db.Query instance the filters should be applied to

  • rawFilter (dict) – The dictionary of filters the client wants to have applied


The modified server.db.Query