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class core.bones.recordBone.recordBone(using, format=None, multiple=True, indexed=False, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: viur.core.bones.bone.baseBone

type = record
singleValueUnserialize(self, val, skel: viur.core.skeleton.SkeletonInstance, name: str)
singleValueSerialize(self, value, skel: SkeletonInstance, name: str, parentIndexed: bool)

Whenever this request should try to parse subfields submitted from the client. Set only to true if you expect a list of dicts to be transmitted

singleValueFromClient(self, value, skel, name, origData)
getSearchTags(self, values, key)
getSearchDocumentFields(self, valuesCache, name, prefix='')
getReferencedBlobs(self, skel, name)
abstract getUniquePropertyIndexValues(self, valuesCache: dict, name: str)List[str]

This is intentionally not defined as we don’t now how to derive a key from the relskel being using (ie. which Fields to include and how).